Our Story

We are a social enterprise exchange; ‘where your change creates community change’

Fun facts! 

- Starwin Management was founded in April 2010

- TalentEd was founded in Janurary 2011

- 1 Step 2 Star was founded 1 September 2012

- Starwin Shopfront was founded in July 2013

- The Tiwi Bombers Youth Girls Leadership program was founded in August 2014

These are the major community initiatives delivered by Starwin Social Enterprise, to achieve our goal 'to create community change through social enterprise'.

About Starwin Shopfront...

With a supply team of 40+ social and community enterprises we are the leading social enterprise exchange in Northern Australia. Click here for a full list of suppliers.

We specialise in cultural and corporate gifts and have a wide range of uniquely designed and often handmade homewares, luxuires, souvenirs and more! All items have created with love and produced by talented individuals and supplied to us direct or via social & community enterprises.

This ensures each dollar you spend at Starwin Shopfront is reinvested into community initiatives. 

Find us at: Shop 2/93 Mitchell street, Darwin (at the DoubleTree by Hilton Esplanade site) and on facebook – www.facebook.com/starwinshopfront

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